What “should” a Dancer Eat in a Day?

Whether you’re a student or pro, it’s possible this question has entered your mind. It’s also possible you’ve searched for answers in those “what I eat in a day” posts from fellow dancers. It’s not a bad thing to look for inspiration and to gain insights based on what others are doing BUT it’s so important that you find the unique way that works for you to fuel yourself.

You are active. No question there. With that in mind, you definitely need to make sure you’re getting enough to support yourself. From a caloric standpoint you can’t be restrictive.

I want you to meet your goals in a sustainable way and avoid injury. This means it’s essential that you’re eating enough! Check out this video for more:

Are you making food choices to support your body? Stay aware of the quality of your food. That’s the most important piece. It’s way more essential that you eat high quality foods than eating “less”. Staying under some restrictive caloric number but just eating twinkies is not going to support your dancing.

Make staying at a healthy dancing weight (whatever you decide that is for you) enjoyable and easy.

In this video I touch on some food plans and practices that could work to help you reach your body goals. There are some specific food suggestions to help you see how it can actually be simple to craft a meal plan around whole foods. Should you be strict with calories and serving sizes? I don’t think so. Find out why in this vid!

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What “should” a Dancer Eat in a Day?

Jess Spinner

Jess is a former professional ballet dancer turned Health Coach and founder of The Whole Dancer.

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