You've been preparing for a professional dancing job for as long as you can remember. You made the choice at such a young age that this was the path you'd take.  

Now, what if it doesn't go as planned?  

Was all that time in the studio wasted?  

Take control of your destiny.  

Go into audition season with a plan and a mindset for success!

"After a previously unsuccessful audition season I knew I needed to make changes in order to approach audition season in a more beneficial and constructive way if I wanted to see different results. After attending a free zoom audition success workshop and my free coaching call I felt like I could benefit from coaching and having someone to walk alongside me during audition season. 

The number of sessions was great and the ability to email and message with questions and updates between calls was invaluable. I’ve never worked with another provider and had honestly never considered working with anyone before hearing about Jess. The specificity of the audition success program was different from anything I’ve ever seen and seemed perfect for where I was at. 

Plenty of other “coaches” offer programs to help with mindset and anxiety in dance. This program was different because of Jess’ professional career and her knowledge and connections to current companies. The ability to have an outside perspective on what companies I should focus on and insight into who was hiring was invaluable. 

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Jess to any friends or colleagues who are looking to audition. I felt so supported and it really made audition season feel survivable! 

I ended up with a paying professional contract for next season. But most of all I felt less lost and less overwhelmed approaching audition season and I now feel like I have tools to approach situations that rock my confidence and self worth and tools to take with me the next time I have to approach audition season!"

Alyssa Eyster, Dayton Ballet

  • Stay excited throughout audition season
  • Bounce back from rejection and continue to look forward
  • Cultivate strong belief that you will make it
  • Plan how to approach auditions in this unique time
  • Know how to choose between your offers
  • Create an inspired back up plan

Go into audition season with a leg up on the competition. 

Audition Success Coaching can get you there!

Meet your coach...

HI!! I'm Jess! I'm a former professional dancer turned health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach for dancers. Career mentorship is a key part of my role with many of my pre-professional and professional clients.

Throughout my career I was auditioning. Before professional auditions, the majority of my summer intensive auditions were attended in New York much competition! 

I participated in college auditions around the country and after college embarked upon a ballet company audition tour traveling to California, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, and Louisville to name just a few.

My experience in auditions ranges over a 10 - year period. More recently, I've had the pleasure of supporting my dancer clients through their audition experience - getting jobs and navigating offers! The ongoing coaching and connection with auditioning dancers keeps the information and support I'm able to offer relevant and game-changing.

After just a few coaching sessions you'll feel more prepared, calm and confident as you head into audition season with a clear and strategic game plan!


I wanted some support in the audition process, specifically someone to look over my footage and give me advice.  I also wanted mental health support during a mentally challenging time. As a former dancer and experienced audition coach I thought that Jess would be perfect for both those things!

I appreciated all the email check-ins that came with the program and I liked that they were unlimited.

I would recommend Jess to anyone who needs help knowing where to start with auditions, or a guiding hand in making final decisions with videos, etc. She is also a great resource for mindset and mental health, especially since she has a dance specific focus! I appreciated all the email check-ins that came with the program and I liked that they were unlimited.

I’m an over-thinker, so Jess’ input on my videos and her company recommendations were so helpful when I was feeling overwhelmed or looking for auditions or areas to focus on.  Talking to her also helped quell a lot of doubts and fears that I had, and I really appreciated her kindness and encouragement!  I’m now dancing for Azara Ballet, a professional dance company in Sarasota, Florida.

Olivia Huseonica, Azara Ballet

Working with Jess was exactly what I needed for the situation I was in. I felt a lot of pressure to get back to 100% after I broke my foot, especially with audition season looming. I felt behind. Jess helped me organize my thoughts and my company list. Although the audition season was cut short due to the coronavirus crisis, I felt very prepared and confident to go in and get a contract.

I had a lot of worries that Jess talked me through and it was nice to have an outside voice that is familiar with the situation without being biased. I can see myself signing up for 1 on 1 coaching again in the future! I also love that we have a friendly relationship even though my session is over. I appreciate that I feel that I can reach out to her whenever, and that she will occasionally email me to check in on things. Thank you, Jess!

Ellie Abbick, Louisville Ballet photo by Rachel Neville

Not sure if you're a good fit for coaching? Or, unsure which coaching option is the right fit for your needs?

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Entering audition season, I was very stressed because I did not know where to begin. I knew I didn't have the funds to fly to all the companies I wanted to dance for. Hearing that there was an opportunity to talk about my insecurities surrounding the season, I was eager to hire Jess, even if it just brought a peace of mind. Beyond that, I knew of only a few companies and they all felt like long shots. 

I feel Jess's advice is more up to date with where the ballet world is heading. Also, having one-on-one coaching left more room to incorporate auditions into my life (e.g. stress at dance already, jobs). She broke down steps little by little and having notes shared with me after each session helped me stay on track in what had to be done before the next session. I also loved how she asked to see my videos before meeting with me to gauge my level of dance and ask me where I wanted to take it.

Without Jess's validation and encouragement I would've taken one "no" and quit (I can't say for sure, but felt very insecure which is why I was so excited to hear about this service!). Thank you, Jess, for caring about my dance career and for allowing me to be human in our chats about ballet. What an understanding, thoughtful, well-organized, and optimistic woman!!

Marie Finley, State Street Ballet Trainee


Unlimited Email Support

As you go through auditions and make decisions you've got full email support. Reach out any time.

If you're unsure how to approach an offer or how to respond to an email, I'm here to support you in responding with professionalism.

1:1 Coaching from anywhere...

Audition Coaching is a 6-month, in-depth coaching program that will help you prepare practically, physically, emotionally, and mentally to show up with confidence in the audition process.

All meeting are held via zoom.

Detailed Notes

You'll leave each coaching session feeling calmer and more prepared. To ensure that you take that into auditions with you you'll be provided with detailed session notes.

Just because the session is over doesn't mean the progress stops.

Practical Planning

  • Where to audition.
  • Clear guidelines for when to email and follow up.
  • Choose between available offers.
  • Outline a budget plan for your professional path.
  • Craft an inspired back up plan.

Mindset Mastery

  • Conquer your audition stress.
  • Learn to highlight your best assets.
  • Discover how to move past your perceived "flaws."
  • Release fear, embrace your power.

Fuel your Future

  • Choose the food to fuel your auditions.
  • Make healthy adjustments to increase your energy.
  • Recipe inspiration so meals are easy and enjoyable.
  • Work towards balance with nutrient dense and indulgent foods.


I signed up for Auditions Coaching because I was struggling to stay confident after past rejections. I was also dealing with a lack of confidence and feeling like I had no support.

Jess made me feel empowered and motivated and like there was someone who believed in me.

After working together, I was back on track with a clear goal + vision for the next step in my career. I also felt I could always reach out to Jess for support.

In the end I received a professional dancing offer as well as a position in a professional school!

Jennifer Kohli, Professional Dancer

Working with Jess, was weirdly like having a coach totally agree with everything you were saying while also giving you tips and tricks you might otherwise not have known. 

I'd describe her as a cross between my ballet coach and my therapist— best of both worlds but a different perspective that encompassed wellness with expertise on the ballet field today, not 20 years ago (as much as I love my coach!!)

After coaching, I feel more confident! It was a great way to get a sounding board, and reinforced things I’m trying to get myself to do: tell myself I can turn, don’t doubt in the moment, not overthink things later and make sure my choices are aligned with my values. I trust that everything is going to happen the way it should!

Madeleine Purcell, Retired Professional Dancer

Teacher at Oklahoma City Ballet School

I signed up for Auditons Coaching because I wasn't sure what I should wear, how to format my CV/Resume and I wanted to work on my audition mindset. All of these areas were successfully addressed through my coaching with Jess!

Talking through it all with Jess made me feel more confident and less stressed overall. I was actually excited for audition season!

In the end I felt totally prepared and received a job offer from the State Opera & Ballet Ruse!

Chantelle May Meyers, Professional Dancer

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions happen consistently for 6-months. You can always reach out by email with additional questions before and after each session.

What exactly will I get out of Audition Coaching?

You'll set up a clear and strategic audition plan. You'll work through anything that is holding you back from success: this is high performance coaching at a very reasonable price. It will help you to dance your best with consistency.

We'll address any questions and fears you might have around the audition process. Jess covers nutrition, body image, audition strategy, and mindset from a place of true knowledge and expertise. She's been through it and can confidently support you to find success and ease in the process.

Can't I just come up with an Audition Plan on my own?

Sure! But if you haven't gone through the ballet company or college audition process before it's a shot in the dark. With this coaching I'll look at your audition video, photos and resume and help you determine strategically where to audition. The goal is to maximize your chances of getting hired!

What The Whole Dancer Clients have to say...

"Jess has given me confidence that I never thought I had! I'm so grateful that she's only an email away and willing to help no matter what!"

-Suzy Halstead, Dancer in The Phantom of the Opera

" Jess is easy to talk to, positive and encouraging. I really attribute her ongoing support and encouragement to helping me achieve my dream of an apprenticeship with the Pacific Northwest Ballet."

-Malena Ani, Pacific Northwest Ballet

"I love that Jess was a professional dancer and understands the struggles dancers are going through."

-Grace Brown, Colorado Ballet Academy


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