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Why The Whole Dancer

There is a huge need for greater awareness of health, wellness and balanced lifestyle in the dance world. You’re so focused on what goes on in the studio and on stage that it’s easy to convince yourself that nothing else matters.

The truth is, when you find balance and health in your life, you’ll be a better dancer.

Here’s my story and why I founded The Whole Dancer:

I studied dance at the school of the Eglevsky Ballet on Long Island. Over the years, I attended summer programs at The Kirov Academy, North Carolina School for the Arts, Boston Ballet, ABT in New York and Orlando Ballet.

After high school I studied dance and arts administration at Butler University. Upon graduation I danced with The Louisville Ballet, then I freelanced in the Boston area. My career ended partly because of an injury and partly because I never worked through my disordered relationship with food and my body.

From student thru professional, I found myself constantly struggling with body image, food choices, confidence and all of my perceived shortcomings as a dancer and artist. I hated what I saw in the mirror, it was not the “ideal” ballet body by any stretch.

There was a nagging (and very real) fear that I could be fired at any moment and might not get another job. I wasn’t confident in my technique or facility and I persistently felt like my body just wasn’t right. Through all of this, Gilmore Girls provided solace, Rory and Lorelai just made me feel less alone. I also used food to push down and ignore my stress and emotions.

Why Health Coaching?

Through all of my struggles as a dancer I was obsessed with nutrition and dieting. I read so many varied and contradictory things about food and health, I was starved for answers.

In 2009 While I was still dancing, I became one of Whole Foods Market’s first Healthy Eating Specialists trained in Nutritarian Plant Based Nutrition. In 2013, I became a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My own healing required a holistic approach and so many dancers experience similar food and body hangups that Health Coaching addresses so well. It’s not just about food but about how you see yourself in the mirror, the ways you’re moving outside of the studio and the lifestyle you’ve created around your training and profession. To continue to deepen my knowledge, in 2020 I attained a Precision Nutrition Certification with a focus in Sports Nutrition.

Through my studies I achieved a balanced, beautiful, happy life and I am finally at peace with my body and my dancing. I’m now obsessed with the Pilates reformer and dancing just for myself. Most importantly I’m confident in my skin.

Before starting The Whole Dancer, I thought maybe it was just me…maybe I was alone with my struggles. As I talked with more and more dancers I realized the fears we all encounter are very similar.

I created The Whole Dancer to help you reach your highest possible level as a dancer.

Who I work with…

Dancers from top companies including  New York City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Miami City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet, and aspiring dancers from around the world have participated in individual coaching and group programs from The Whole Dancer. There are options to fit every need and budget and many resources are provided at no – charge in order to support as many dancers as possible to find balance and true happiness as you work towards your dance goals.

What’s Possible?

Through individual coaching and group programs, dancers reach body goals and cultivate positive body image. You can reach peak performance and realistic body goals too. When you reach your personal best body with the right mindset, confidence increases exponentially. Get ready to move to the front of the studio feeling happy, healthy, energetic and self-assured! For client testimonials, click here.

Lots of love!!


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