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dancer body goals

The Whole Dancer 7-Step Best Body Process

This FREE guide can help you…

  • STOP obsessing over your body, yo-yo dieting and searching for quick fixes.
  • Create a Meal Plan and Lifestyle that helps you reach your body goals and dance at your peak.
  • Reveal your personal best dancers’ body with ease and find the confidence you crave in just a leotard and tights!

Finding Balance in Dance

7-Days to More Balance with Food and Your Body


  • Shift the way you approach food.
  • Get strategic insights into building body image resilience.
  • Create a vision and goals that inspire and motivate you.
  • Learn new ways to assess your food to meet your goals.
  • Feel supported and inspired by your fellow dancers!!

The Whole Dancer Guide to Snacking

In this free guide, you get:

  • Healthy snacking quick tips.
  • Over 30 recipes designated for before or after class (though many are interchangeable)!
  • Important information and considerations to help you decide on your best pre and post class fuel!

Journaling for Dancers

30 Prompts to Start a Supportive Journaling Habit

Writing prompts around body image, relationship to food, and dance can unlock new levels of confidence.

back in dancing shape

50 Tips to Get Back in Dancing Shape

Starting a new season or returning from injury? Prepping for auditions or a summer intensive? If you want to feel your best in your body, these tips can help you get started!

Ready for more support?

Each of these free resources is a great starting point to shift the way you’re approaching your dance goals. However, many (or most) dancers would benefit greatly from one on one support. At The Whole Dancer through coaching with Jess, you can gain insights and action steps from a multi-certified coach and former professional ballet dancer. Explore health, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching for dancers with a FREE coaching consultation.