Support for aspiring and professional dancers to find balance, strength, and personal success in your dancing!

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As a dancer you are living your dreams.

You should not just survive but thrive and love every minute.

You shouldn’t be plagued by fear of not being good enough, thin enough, or dedicated enough. We want you to move through your dance journey with confidence.

The politics of ballet companies can be overwhelming and stressful. Having support outside of your dance circles with give you a major leg up on the competition.

This is a place for you to connect with dancers experiencing the same struggles in this challenging and immensely rewarding field. This is a space for you to learn new skills in self-care, healthy eating, cross training, spirituality, and goal setting.

At The Whole Dancer we acknowledge the pressures of the professional dance world as we support you through them. When you create a balanced approach to your dance training and career you’ll be more fulfilled. You will fearlessly move ahead into your future and feel confident and supported.

You don’t have to feel alone or stressed as you pursue dance. It should be joyful! Finding peace with your body and food is the first step for so many dancers.

Dancers from top companies and schools around the world have turned to The Whole Dancer for the support and coaching they needed to reach their goals. It’s time to see solutions, not problems. Stop holding yourself back!

Take advantage of free and paid online workshops, programs or coaching options available at The Whole Dancer and feel fully self – assured in knowing that you can reach great success and joy in this life!

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