The Whole Dancer: Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching for High Level Dancers

I help dancers cultivate practices in self love and shift their relationship with their bodies, food, and dance. They reach their personal best body and find unshakeable confidence.

Has your love for dance faded as you’ve become more and more obsessed with your body and food? The dance world is still telling you to keep pushing, develop a thicker skin, and change who you are. They say that’s the way to reach your goals in dance. I’ve been there…I’m here to tell you it’s not the only way. The reality is, when you discover what balance means to you, you’ll truly be able to step out of the crowd and stand out in auditions, classes, and castings. My unique approach helps you rediscover your love for dance so you can reach your goals in a happy, healthy, and sustainable way.

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Being able to talk through the issues you are facing with someone who understands the pressures of professional dance is so beneficial.  Jess is easy to talk to, positive and encouraging. I really attribute her ongoing support and encouragement to helping me achieve my dream of an apprenticeship with the Pacific Northwest Ballet.


I now have a healthy mindset and a greater sense of self love. I am able to eat a cookie at night without feeling guilty.  I also love that Jess was a professional dancer and understands the struggles dancers are going through. To me, it is crucial that I have a coach who understands what I am going through as opposed to, say, a non-dancer dietician.

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Bodies fluctuate, so my biggest goals were in creating lasting change in my habits and approach to food. I have more body confidence, I have much healthier habits, and a really relaxed approach when it comes to food. Rather than worrying about weight gain, I get to consider what will help me feel fulfilled today. Some days it’s my favorite salad and other days, it’s a homemade baked treat. Though I’ve had some weight loss, I don’t believe it’s the most important change from the program.