The Whole Dancer Course Suite

At The Whole Dancer, the goal is to provide you with the support you need to find more joy in dance. These online courses for dancers were created to allow you to grow as a person so you can be a better dancer. Each and every course and coaching option provides a holistic approach to dancer wellness.

You can achieve your goals. Jess Spinner brings her experience as a professional dancer and her knowledge as a multi-certified health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach to everything she creates to support dancers.

emotional eating online course for dancers

Emotional Eating Exploration Course

This 4-week online course guides you through the process of creating a more emotionally balanced relationship to food. You’ll learn possible emotional eating causes and the science behind this habit. There will be strategies to help you begin to work through the emotional eating challenges you face.

best body online course for dancers

The Dancer’s Best Body Course

An 8-week course that guides you through the process of uncovering your personal best body for dance. This course empowers you to make food adjustments that will serve your personal needs. You’ll develop a more supportive view of yourself and work to undo the stress dance has put on your body and mind.

body image online course for dancers

Dancer Body Confidence Course

When you step into the studio, you want to feel free. Body confidence and body image struggles are some of the biggest distractions from dancing your best. This 4-week course will support you in building body image resilience. You’ll be able to step into auditions, performances, competitions, and classes with the tools to maintain or regain body confidence in the moments it matters most.

If you’re not sure which support option is right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can fill out the contact form here or email Jess directly: jess@thewholedancer.com. If you ever have any feedback or course requests, we’d love to hear that too!!