emotional eating course for dancers

an Emotional Eating Exploration Course

You felt ravenous after rehearsal and the stress of the day led you to the kitchen to find much needed nourishment. In no time, a routine meal turned into eating the whole jar of peanut butter. You think to yourself, “why did I do that??” If your emotions weren’t all over the place before, they are now.

The way you’re relating to food has left you lacking any sense of connection to your body. You can’t fully connect to feelings of hunger or fullness. Food is something you turn to in times of stress and feel out of control when you do.

You often find yourself in a shame spiral as you try to deal with something that should come naturally to you: eating. Something that seems to come so naturally to others.

You’re done being weighed down with thoughts about how much you’ve eaten, what you’re eating, and when you can and can’t eat. It’s time to reframe your feelings and mindset around food.

You’re ready to find alternative coping mechanisms and self-support systems for big emotions. It’s time to stop using food as a response to your challenges and instead relate to it as something to enjoy, savor, and support your dancing.

You know a balanced approach to food without using it as an emotional crutch will support you to reach your dance goals. You’re ready for food to be a source of joy not a source of stress.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re afraid of going “overboard” with food especially when you’re alone.
  • You don’t want anyone finding out about all the emotional eating you do.
  • You’re worried about how this is affecting your dance career now, and how it will continue to impact your future.

Through this course, you’ll learn to release the need to use food to cope with challenging emotions. You’ll clarify possible causes of emotionally fueled overeating and build a system of alternative responses.

The course work will help you develop a personalized approach to feel free and empowered in your mindset around your food and fuel plan. You can finally stop labeling yourself as an “emotional eater.” You’ll see clearly when emotional eating is totally normal and when it’s not serving you.

After these four weeks as you Find Food Harmony you can…

  • Show up more mindfully for meals and snacks.
  • Have the potential to break free from the painful cycle of undernourishing and then overeating.
  • Find a more confident and balanced mindset towards food as fuel.
  • Discover a balanced emotional relationship to food.
  • Release the label “emotional eater.”

This self-study course includes:

Journaling exercises

  • Dive into the root of where your emotional eating comes from and begin to understand what your true needs are.
  • Practice unloading your feelings in a healthy way.

 Video Lessons

  • Gain clarity around what leads to your emotional eating and connect to yourself in new ways.
  • Discover coping mechanisms for stress and emotions that DON’T involve food.

Message Support

  • You will be able to message me with questions throughout the duration of the program to ensure you feel heard and supported.

I understand all too well what you are feeling and experiencing.  Throughout my dance career I was eating my emotions. Food was a go-to for me after a hard day of dancing and under fueling. I know how you feel and I created this course to lay the groundwork to support you through it. 

Using my background as a multi-certified health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach I’ve created a holistic, integrative program that will inspire you to take action and create massive shifts in your emotional relationship with food.

For just $97, you can set yourself on the path to a more balanced emotional relationship to food. This emotional eating exploration course for dancers can support you in getting there.

Find Food Harmony: An Emotional Eating Exploration Course for Dancers

Created by former pro dancer turned multi-certified holistic health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach Jess Spinner.