Create a Balanced Approach to Food and Your Body for Dance

Finding balance and confidence in your body and eating plan can shift the way you approach dance and life. Get inspired NOW.


  • Shift the way you approach food.
  • Get strategic insights into building body image resilience.
  • Create a vision and goals that inspire and motivate you.
  • Learn new ways to assess your food to meet your goals.
  • Feel supported and inspired by your fellow dancers!!

Through this challenge you'll learn strategies to improve your mindset, dancing, and confidence!

Join The Whole Dancer Community for a 7 - Day "BALANCED LIFE" Challenge


P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?


"I liked being reminded of the fuel and fun balance. I decided this week to hone in on Nourishment. I think making the fuel foods enjoyable, instead of a chore, will help me feel more satisfied throughout the day."

~Challenge Participant and Pre-Pro Dancer

"After watching the Day 7 video and journaling about my intentions going forward, I feel empowered to continue to implement what I have learned over the challenge to my day to day life. Thank you for your time and the resources you provided me with during these 7 days! "

~Hannah S.

"Thank you for this challenge. I just finished my first journal and I realized some things that are already healthy and happening now. I also found some things I wish were happening that aren’t. I am super excited about learning more about myself and growing in regards to my body image!"

~Avery S.

Who's behind this challenge?

Jess Spinner is a former professional ballet dancer turned holistic Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach and founder of The Whole Dancer.

The Whole Dancer was created to help you achieve your personal best in dance by providing programs to help you establish balance, reach your best body, and improve performance.