Dancers face common pressures.

There’s the pressure to achieve a desired aesthetic.

There’s the pressure to commit fully in body, mind, spirit to your art.

There’s the pressure to be disciplined, controlled and quiet.

When dancing professionally, I struggled to meet these demands. I felt alone. I didn’t want to appear weak so I internalized my fears and insecurities. The Whole Dancer was created to provide support. You don’t have to struggle with all the pressure.

In addition to providing support and guidance through The Whole Dancer blog, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook there are online programs and virtual coaching services to help you reach your body and career goals in dance.


 Prioritize Your Well-Being

When you’re ready to show up for yourself and prioritize personal growth. Online courses allow flexibility, enrichment, and trusted resources to develop a more balanced relationship to food, your body, dance, and life.


 Feel Confident in Your Body and Dancing

An in-depth, super supportive coaching program for dancers. This 6 month program guides you through the process of reaching your personal best body for dance in a healthy, sustainable way. It takes into account all the real life pressures you face as a high level dancer. As a multi-certified coach and former pro dancer, I’m confident I can support you to achieve your personal balance.

Not sure which program is right for you?

Email me: jess@thewholedancer.com


Hi, I’m Jess!

First of all, I’m so glad you’re here. You’re ready to live out your dream. Prioritizing dance in your life and dancing professionally or working towards that goal should be joyful. However, it’s often filled with self-doubt, unhelpful body image, and struggles around food.

I totally get it. I danced professionally with the Louisville Ballet and as a freelance dancer in Boston. I achieved the dream but I was miserable. I was obsessed with my flaws and being thinner. When I stopped dancing and became a health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach. I knew this work could be transformative for dancers. You can transform your experience in dance and I want to help. Let’s have a chat!!

**Please refer to The Whole Dancer Policies before signing up for a program or course!**