dancer's best body programImagine opening your email and seeing your first paid dancing offer!
The feeling is incomparable – that sense of accomplishment after SO MANY YEARS of work – it’s pure joy, elation! Your hard work has finally paid off.

You start to really see yourself dancing the roles you’ve dreamed of next to the dancers who’ve inspired you. It’s actually coming true!

Hearing from clients about their most recent successes is truly one of my favorite things. When Jessica C. recently texted to tell me she had gotten her first official ballet company contract, I was beyond thrilled!

Jessica’s story is one you might relate to so I asked her if I could share. Here it is :

“I was in a pretty dark place emotionally when I found the The Dancer’s Best Body Program.  I was dancing with a company that had no regard for my well – being and didn’t seem to care when my peers or I tried to voice our concerns and fears about the position they were putting us in.

I was left doubting everything about myself- my talent, my professionalism, my overall self worth.  

This career is already so hard that having any ounce of uncertainty can completely derail, if not destroy, any chance of “making it”.  I have always loved to dance and always looked forward to being in the studio everyday, so when those feelings turned to dread every morning I knew I had to do something…

Joining The Dancer’s Best Body Program was that ‘something’.

first paid ballet company contract


A lot of the concepts in the program seem so simple until you really sit down and go through all of the worksheets.  Having to literally write down your thoughts opened me up to a lot of things that I didn’t consciously know I was feeling.

Jess is so amazing and I cannot say it enough – at first I was nervous to open myself up to a complete stranger but Jess creates such a safe place with absolutely no judgment.

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Being in a situation where I wasn’t being used in the studio made me feel useless.  I felt like I was wasting a year of my life.


The program gave me a purpose, I felt accomplished.      

When I talk to friends considering The Dancer’s Best Body Program, I tell them that Jess is literally the best!

I think that this is a program for everyone.  I think even people who are happy and satisfied with where they are physically and emotionally can benefit from what The Dancer’s Best Body Program has to offer.

The program allows you to explore so many things:

You learn to listen to your body.

You get to play around with different food ideas to see what works best for you.

And you definitely do some serious ‘soul searching’.

But the thing that is most important is that throughout the whole process you never feel alone.  Jess is always there ready to tackle anything so that you get the most out of the course.

Jessica Cobb by Rachel Neville Photo

Because of my participation in The Dancer’s Best Body Program, I went into audition season feeling confident.  I got so much positive feedback that the company I was currently dancing with no longer mattered.

I was able to go into the studio knowing I wasn’t crazy, that I have what it takes.  It sounds silly but I was no longer the victim, I felt empowered.

As for my actual career, I was offered my first paying ballet company contract! There are still a few other potential jobs I am waiting to hear from but it is a huge relief to know I have an option!

After the program, I continue to look at food as a source of fuel as opposed to a “treat”.  I think that having that mind – set helps take the pressure off when trying to make food choices.

I am also still working with Jess! Being able to touch base for 30 minutes once or twice a month keeps me motivated and inspired. ”

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Are you in need of similar support? Check out The Dancer’s Best Body Program!!

Photos of Jessica by Rachel Neville Photography

From The Dancer’s Best Body Program to Paid Company Contract

Jess Spinner

Jess is a former professional ballet dancer turned Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach for high level dancers. She founded The Whole Dancer in 2015 after identifying a greater need for balance, wellness and support in the dance world. Since The Whole Dancer was founded, Jess has worked with 100's of dancers worldwide at top companies and schools. She has been featured in or written for Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and Dance Spirit Magazine.

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