Depending on where you are on your dance journey, it’s possible you’re attending a summer program in the coming months.

(If you’re not, I’ve got something for you down at the bottom)

Summer programs provide an incredible opportunity to train with new teachers and experience new styles.

They can also be a little stressful if you’re hoping to get a company contract, a position in a professional training program or a traineeship.

Even if you’re not in that position yet, the relationships and impression you leave with artistic staff each summer can significantly impact your future career opportunities.

summer program
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With that in mind, one of the webinars for May (there are two this month!) is on the “Keys to Summer Program Success”. And there are two days and times to attend.

When you attend live, that’s when things really sink in. PLUS, then you get your questions answered on the spot! 

This workshop is now available on demand on The Whole Dancer Youtube Channel!

If you’ve got friends going to summer programs, be sure to share this workshop with them!

And, as promised, if you won’t be heading to a summer program, I’ve got something for you too.

I’d love for you to join me for a revamped version of the Eating for Energy webinar…”Dancing with Vigor” (that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?). The importance of food an balance to success any time of year is undeniable.

Here, you’ll see what adjustments are necessary to maximize your energy and dance with vigor.

You have so much power over your capabilities. With this webinar you’ll learn how to harness that power and project it into  your work in the studio and on stage.

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Summer Program Success