Supplements for Dancers

I want to start this post off by saying that I’m not an affiliate for any supplement brands and I don’t sell supplements for dancers. The opinions I share are based on my experience working in the supplements industry and with dancer health coaching clients.

It’s completely individualized to find the supplements (if any) that work for you and support your dancing.

Food. Food should really be your main source of nutrients and sustenance. There are of course some dietary choices that require supplementation (vegans need B12 and might benefit from D).

Your body has the ability to use vitamins and store vitamins so if we do a poor job of healthfully fueling ourselves one day, it won’t likely lead to a deficiency. The best way to know for sure if you’re deficient in something is to request a blood test from your doctor.

When you consider supplements, remember that they’re not the be all and end all. Look for research and studies that actually back up the benefits or risks of different supplements.

Dancer’s should steer clear of most energy enhancing supplements. These are usually full of caffeine from varying sources. They can be addictive and the benefits are questionable.

In this video, I share a couple of eye opening studies in the world of supplements that might help you to make more informed decisions around whether to use supplements yourself.


Focus on your food choices first.

Don’t start using supplements just because your friends use them or because you see them as a magic bullet.

Consult with a doctor and maybe request a blood test to determine if you’re actually deficient in anything. If you are, try to fill in those deficiencies with food first.

Find what works for you – we’re all different. Explore, experiment, refine.


Supplements for Dancers

Jess Spinner

Jess is a former professional ballet dancer turned Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach for high level dancers. She founded The Whole Dancer in 2015 after identifying a greater need for balance, wellness and support in the dance world. Since The Whole Dancer was founded, Jess has worked with 100's of dancers worldwide at top companies and schools. She has been featured in or written for Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and Dance Spirit Magazine.

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