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Here at The Whole Dancer, we’re all about self-care, and when a product comes across my desk that’s all about self-care for your feet, you know I’ve got to share it. My super-star administrative and social media assistant, Tatum and I got to sample some products from Naboso Technology (use code: THEWHOLEDANCER for 10% off your purchase), and they were so awesome, we wanted to share them with you.

From the company: “Naboso, meaning ‘barefoot’ in Czech, is the first-ever small nerve proprioceptive material commercially available and designed for the purpose of improving posture and enhancing movement. Through our innovative products we are dedicated to helping impact lives in the categories of neurorehabilitation, human performance, and wellness.”

naboso for your feet

Naboso Recovery Socks

Tatum’s thoughts:

When I received the Naboso recovery socks, I was a bit skeptical. I have never heard of a sock that can “release and recover your feet while simply walking around your home… with every step you take our neuro-stimulating texture acts like a mini-massage for your feet enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves and releasing muscles and fascia.” I have all the massage tools in the book. Why would I need socks, too?  Once I put them on, though, I was pleasantly surprised.  

When I took them out of the box, I was intrigued by the textured insoles.  The sock itself is not very stretchy, but it was surprisingly easy to put on.  At first, it was slightly uncomfortable.  The textured insole is fairly stiff and the texture is spiny.  After a couple minutes, I got used to it.  

I wore the socks for about an hour after a long day of dancing followed by teaching.  I usually have quite a bit of foot fatigue throughout my week due to long dancing and teaching hours.  When I took them off, my feet felt so relaxed, my foot pain was pretty much gone. My foot muscles didn’t feel nearly as fatigued.  

Although the directions say to wear the socks at the end of the day or after a hard workout, I actually enjoy wearing them in the morning as a way to prep my feet for the day.  Sometimes, I get home so late that I would rather sleep than spend 30 minutes rolling out and stretching before bed.  Wearing these socks during my morning routine helps to loosen up my foot muscles with minimum time and effort, something I think all dancers can appreciate.  

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I absolutely love these socks.  They are great for recovery or wearing in the mornings if your feet feel sore or tight.  I would recommend them to anyone who struggles with foot pain or is on their feet a lot for their job.  

Jess’s thoughts:

I love these socks! It’s so helpful that this is a passive way to do something incredibly beneficial for your feet and body. You’ve heard me say it a million times — dancers are usually overextended and low on time. With the Naboso socks, you’re aiding in your recovery simply by putting on a different sock at the end of the day.

I wore my recovery socks for the first time after a night of teaching. I teach for 3.5 hours just 1 night a week, but I haven’t been in the studio, on my feet, moving like that in years. It’s a lot for me, and I’m always physically exhausted and a bit sore at the end of the night. I honestly felt instant relief when I put these socks on. I’m just going to keep them in my dance bag from now on.

Naboso Neuro Ball

Tatum’s thoughts:

The Naboso Neuro ball is coated in the same spiny material as the inside of the socks are.  The massage ball works really well.  An added bonus is that if you step on the seam of the ball with your heel, it pops open to reveal a smaller ball.  

It’s a nice two-in-one feature that gives you more options for your needs.  I did try the ball on other parts of my body, and it was far too uncomfortable to use anywhere besides your feet — so stick to the directions!  Overall, the ball is nice, though I much prefer the socks.

Jess’s thoughts:

This product is so much fun. As someone who doesn’t use a ton of massage products, I love that this one comes in a compact package but is multi-functional. In all honesty, the first few weeks I had it, my daughter just wanted to play with it, but when I finally started using it, I wished I had explored it sooner.

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Like the socks, it’s easy to just keep it with you and use it as you need. I also used it on my ankle and calf, which was really nice! 

Overall, I love that these products were created by functional podiatrist and human movement specialist, Dr. Emily Splichal. They are backed by research and science, and they can truly improve foot recovery. Dancers will only benefit from looking for new and innovative ways to improve their long-term foot health.

From Naboso

The Recovery Socks are recommended for:

  • Resetting the feet at the end of a long day or hard workout 
  • Minimizing foot fatigue and foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis or arch pain
  • Reducing foot fatigue in standing employees such as nurses, hair stylists, trainers
  • Improving foot circulation and peripheral nerve health 

The Neuro ball is recommended for:

  • Resetting the feet at the end of a long day or hard workout 
  • Massaging foot muscles and minimizing arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis 
  • Improving foot and leg recovery for healthy movement  

The Neuro ball is one of the most versatile and dynamic tools on the market designed to treat your feet.

Don’t forget! You can use code: THEWHOLEDANCER for 10% off your purchase.

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