The Soloist One - on - One Coaching Program-3

Three little ballerinas with personal ballet teacher in dance studio. classic ballet dancer as teacher posing on a white background

As a former professional ballet dancer and serious ballet student for many years, I am well aware of the pressures dancer’s face. You want to be dancing at the top of your game and full of energy yet there are certain aesthetic physical standards putting added pressure on you. It is also a stressful transition from dance school to a college dance program to being a newbie in a professional company.

Why would a dancer benefit from coaching?

  • Stresses experienced in the studio during class and rehearsals are rarely addressed.
  • As dancers we tend to get stuck in our own heads overanalyzing, criticizing and taking every little comment to heart.
  • Nutrition and eating well not only support the ideal dancers body (thin but strong) but also effect energy, stamina and injury prevention.
  • Self love and assuredness need to be cultivated to combat negative feelings that effect your performance in class, auditions and rehearsals.
  • Finding dance/life balance will improve artistry by providing a more colorful tapestry of life experiences.



The Soloist one-on-one Coaching Program is right for you if you…

    • Wish to learn to eat for energy, stamina and strength.
    • Hope to feel peaceful and happy in class as you look in the mirror. You would like the mirror to be a friend and tool.
    • Want to experience improved feelings of confidence and self love.
    • Desire feeling fully supported by a mentor with experience as a college ballet major and professional ballet dancer.
    • Have fears that you won’t make it and find success in a professional career.
    • Find yourself getting hung up on perceived flaws and fixating on the “better” facilities of other dancers.

With The Soloist Coaching Program you can :

  • Reach your personal best dancers body.
  • Find eating style that fits your needs as a professional artist, keeping you lean and strong.
  • Experience a sense of calm with your body and the mirror resulting in greater confidence in auditions, castings and company class.
  • Enjoy the support of someone who has been in your (pointe) shoes.
  • Set bigger goals and reimagine the success you can achieve as a dancer.
  • Focus more on the happiness you wish to feel as a dancer rather than focusing on the challenges.
  • Find accountability outside of the ballet company or university environment where you are often left to your own devices. You might lose focus or lose heart…when we work together you will keep the bigger picture for your life and career in mind.

When I look back and think how greatly I would have benefited from working with a health coach, it makes me so happy to be in the position I am in now. I want you to be dancing to your fullest potential. I want you to set goals and find balance and eat in a way that keeps you strong and injury free. I  wish for you to release fear that you won’t make it. I want you to find more JOY in every day.

Are you feeling super motivated and excited for the possibilities for your dance career?

This is when the shift begins and you will instantly feel lighter and more excited for your career.

The Soloist one-on-one Coaching Program Includes:

    • An initial 50 – minute evaluation including action steps you can take immediately.
    • 3-months of one on one coaching to help you reach peak performance.
    • Four, 30-minute Skype or Phone Sessions per month.
    • Unlimited email support between sessions.
    • Personalized tailoring to your specific needs, goals and desires.
    • Food and lifestyle suggestions and informational handouts.
    • Access to contacts in the professional dance world when appropriate.
    • Help perfecting audition DVD’s, head shots and discovering your more confident self.

Not Sure The Soloist Program is right for you?

If you think it’s too great a commitment…

  • Scheduling is flexible. I work with clients in the mornings, evenings and even on weekends.
  • Sessions are held by phone or Skype so they are super convenient.

You think you just need to work harder in the studio, what happens outside shouldn’t matter…

  • You will dance better if you nurture your whole being – body, mind and soul.
  • Working hard in the studio is super important but by eating right, cultivating self love and improving confidence you will have a significant leg up on the competition.
  • We will set goals for both inside and outside the studio and tailor this personalized program to your needs and desires.