This webinar took place live in August of 2015 but the audio component is available on demand as part of The Whole Dancer’s first audio training series.

Join me: Jessica Spinner, Health Coach

And Professional Dancer, Shelby Elsbree of Boston BalletFREE WEBINAR-4

Where: Anywhere that’s convenient for you
When: Thursday, August 27 @ 8pm

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Topic: Eating for Energy and Injury Prevention. This webinar is geared toward high level dancers working towards, or already immersed in, their professional careers.

For me, as a dancer, food became an issue early on. I didn’t know what to eat, I never felt I was thin or svelte enough, and I tried all kinds of bizarre diets and eating styles. I failed to consider how significantly the fuel I gave my body would effect my performance, and furthermore how it might promote or prevent injury.

When I danced professionally, I starting using sugar and caffeine for bursts of energy. Certain aspects of my diet were cleaned up but I still felt like I could gain weight at any moment. There was no sense of empowerment around food. In fact, I feared food.

Unfortunately, It wasn’t until after I stopped dancing that I figured out how different foods effected my body. I want to help you figure it out as early into your career as possible. Food should not be a major concern, eating well should be second nature. Lets start moving toward that goal with this no-cost webinar.

Join us for the webinar and you’ll learn:

  • The main foods and activities that drain energy
  • Ten ways to increase your energy (simple yet profound)
  • The concept of primary vs. secondary food.
  • Foods and superfoods that can speed injury recovery and those that can slow it down.
  • How to start experimenting with an eating plan that will help you reach your ideal dancers body.

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