During this free workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Create a meal plan that supports high energy in auditions.
  • Plan for audition season early so you're excited, not stressed.
  • Be more strategic in your approach to auditions so you can increase your odds and offers.
  • Maintain body confidence and an uplifting mindset.
  • Creatively finance your summer intensive and dance goals.
  • Prepare an audition video you're happy with and motivated to share.

Presenter : 

Jess Spinner

Former Professional Ballet Dancer turned Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach and Founder of The Whole Dancer

Hi, I'm Jess.

I'm a former professional dancer turned multi-certified health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach for high level dancers. Career mentorship is also a key part of my role with many of my pre-professional and professional clients.

Throughout my career I was auditioning. Before professional auditions, the majority of my summer intensive auditions were attended in New York City...so much competition! 

I participated in college auditions around the country and after college embarked upon a grand ballet company audition tour traveling to California, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, and Louisville to name just a few.

My experience in auditions ranges over a 10 - year period. More recently, I've had the pleasure of supporting my dancer clients through their audition experience - getting jobs and navigating offers! The ongoing coaching and connection with auditioning dancers keeps the information and support I'm able to offer relevant and game-changing.

Kathryn Morgan

This workshop will also feature exclusive audition video tips from Kathryn Morgan herself.

Kathryn Morgan is a modern-day ballerina, blazing a career path for herself outside of the confines of company life. In addition to being a popular performer, teacher, judge, and influencer, Kathryn is the founder of Kathryn Morgan & Friends, a community focused on the joy that ballet can bring to dancers when they are valued for who they are above their level of proficiency.

Kathryn began her professional career in 2006 as an apprentice with New York City Ballet, and was promoted to soloist in 2009. She left the company in 2012 while battling an auto-immune illness, and made an awe-inspiring return to the stage seven years later as a soloist with Miami City Ballet.

As a YouTube sensation, she knows what you need to do to put your best foot forward in your audition videos. Audition videos are an integral part of today's audition process. Kathryn's tips will be invaluable to your video creation process.

Get all your audition questions answered!