A 6 month, in depth, super supportive coaching program. We’ll meet virtually by Zoom every week for 30 minutes to make sure you’re taking action and seeing progress. Here's how it works...

PHASE 1: Set the Stage


We’ll make sure you’ve got the basics of healthy eating down, you’re making the best possible choices to fuel your dancing and you’re enjoying your meals + snacks.

The goals you set will be fully aligned with your goals in dance. Working towards admission to a professional school or getting your first company job? You’ll align your body + mindset goals to the bigger goals in the studio and on stage.


It's all about breaking down any stress you have around food and creating healthy self-care rituals and practices. These practices support your dancing. Self-care fosters self love and will allow you to show up more fully in the studio.

The first two months are about setting a strong foundation. 

PHASE 2: Rehearse and Refine

MONTHS 3 + 4:

You’ll create a clear meal plan that helps you to feel energized and supports you in reaching your body goals. If your goals are centered around weight, we’re going to ensure that we also address health, performance and your desired dance aesthetics. 

PHASE 3: Take Center Stage

MONTHS 5 + 6:

You’ll break down any negative feelings still lingering around food or your body. And troubleshoot anything you think might still be keeping you from meeting your goals and peak performance. 

Honestly, by months 5 + 6 most dancers are in maintenance mode in which case we’ll make sure you’re set up to sustain your new healthy lifestyle to make reaching your goals in dance easier and less stressful.


If it looks like we're a good fit to work together based on your application, I'll reach out to schedule a 20 minute introductory consultation.