This post celebrates the successes of my client Grace. She started in the self-paced online Dancers Best Body Course. From there, we worked together one-on-one for a couple of years. She recently participated in a group coaching round of The Dancers’ Best Body Program. 

Through all of her experiences, she has found new paths to balance: she’s seen shifts in her relationship to food, her body, and her dancing. In the past, Grace was embarrassed to share about her struggles, but she started to see value in that conversation. 

If you’re struggling, allow Grace’s story to give you hope. She started in a dark place but has found so much light. Not just in her dancing but in life as well. That’s possible for you too. 

“The growth I have experienced mentally is astounding.

Even though I am still on my journey to find balance, I am at a place right now that I did not think was possible! The past few years I have been in a never-ending cycle of restricting my food intake and then binge eating. 

“I was so focused on how I looked that I started to lose sight of how much I enjoyed dance. Once I started to learn to enjoy all foods, my mindset shifted drastically. I have always had the idea that as long as I was dancing, I would be miserable and not allowed to eat what I love. 

“Through my work with Jess, I now know I can enjoy the foods I love throughout my dance career. I have gained a greater sense of my self-worth and self-love. Even if I have bad days at dance or I am not happy with what I see in the mirror, I am able to thank my body for working hard that day. 

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“I am also proud to say that I have not weighed myself in many months despite doing so multiple times a day in the past. I am still on this journey with Jess to find balance, but the progress I have made so far is something I never believed could happen.

“I believe this program is different from other programs because of the emphasis on mental shifts.

This is not just a program that tells you how to eat better, it’s a program that digs to the root of our problems and re-plants the seeds. 

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“It’s truly about becoming a WHOLE Dancer. It’s not just about losing weight, it is about finding a balance and having a healthy mindset in order to dance at your full potential.

“I went into this program only hoping for weight loss, but what I got was much better. I now have a healthy mindset and a greater sense of self- love. I am able to eat a cookie at night without feeling guilty. I have also noticed an increase  of tone in my muscle tones as a side effect of a healthy mindset.

“Recently, I participated in group coaching through The Dancer’s Best Body Program.

“I love how the program puts a huge emphasis on self-love and self-care.

I feel that is the main component that has helped me get to where I am today. The program does not just focus on food but on the complete well-being of the dancer.  It provides a higher quality of content than other online support services that I have seen for dancers.

“Before the program, my brain was centered around food shifts, but I have learned it’s about much more than that. It’s the mental shifts that make all the difference. I also love how Jess was a professional dancer, so she understands the struggles dancers are going through. To me, it is crucial that I have a coach who understands what I am going through as opposed to, say, a non-dancer dietician. 

“I also thoroughly enjoyed the group coaching calls. That was the first time I have ever been able to talk about my problems out loud around other dancers, and everyone was extremely supportive and understanding. It helped me create a community of dancers that I know I can rely on to help me through bad days. I would absolutely recommend this program to a friend. It is obvious that many dancers struggle with body image and need an outlet to talk about it. 

“Unless dancers become more open to talking about their problems in the dance world, nothing will ever change.

This program and The Whole Dancer has changed my life in a way I could never imagine. Due to the emphasis on self-love, I have cultivated a confidence I never thought I would have. I have learned to value myself just the way I am. 

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“The group coaching calls gave me a community of dancers who I knew were going through the same things I was. I felt like I automatically connected to all of them. It gave me comfort to know I am not the only dancer struggling with body-image issues.

“Working with Jess has allowed me to focus on my dancing, not my body. Before working with Jess, I was convinced that I had it all except for the body. I believed that if I was just skinnier, I would immediately get a company contract. 

“Now I realize I have a lot to improve in my technique, but I am able to look past my body and just focus on the dancing.

I am also very glad I am working with Jess at a young age. I often hear stories of how mental health and eating disorders cause dancers to quit dance altogether. I am now able to confidently say that I am building a strong mental foundation to be able to have a lasting career in the dance world. 

“If you’re in need of support, investing in one-on-one coaching or the group program will be one of the best decisions of your life. If you’re worried about how you can have a balance with food and be a professional dancer, these programs are for you. 

“In my opinion, the investment is worth it because, essentially, you are investing in your future. These programs can ensure that you will be able to have a career while being happy and having a healthy mindset. I am not sure where I would be today if I had not started working with Jess. She has single-handedly changed my life, and I am forever grateful!”

Whatever stage of your career you’re in—pursuing a professional route, dancing professionally, or even stepping away from or retiring from dance—this sort of transformation is possible. Use The Whole Dancer as a resource. If you’re ready to dive in more deeply, reach out! I’d love to hear from you and support you on your journey to confidence and healing.

You Can Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Jess Spinner

Jess is a former professional ballet dancer turned Holistic Health, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coach for high level dancers. She founded The Whole Dancer in 2015 after identifying a greater need for balance, wellness and support in the dance world. Since The Whole Dancer was founded, Jess has worked with 100's of dancers worldwide at top companies and schools. She has been featured in or written for Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and Dance Spirit Magazine.

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