Build Body Image Resilience in Your Dancers

And lower the risk for eating disorders.

Workshop RECORDING for Dance Parents and Teachers • Expires Thursday, October 28 at noon EST


Cost per screen: $35 USD

Jess Spinner

Former Pro-Dancer

Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle Coach for Dancers

Oona Hanson

Educator and Parent Coach

Family Mentor at Equip Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Here's what we'll cover...

  • Ways to support your dancer's body image resilience.
  • How to support your dancer to lower the risk for an eating disorder.
  • Your essential role in supporting your dancer's relationship to food and body image
  • Warning signs of an eating disorder.
  • Common language that can have a negative impact on relationship to food and body image--and what to say instead.
  • Improving communication between home and dance school.


About the Presenters

Jess Spinner

The Whole Dancer Founder

Jess Spinner is a former professional ballet dancer turned health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach for dancers. Through The Whole Dancer, Jess hopes to facilitate positive change in the dance world. The dancers Jess works with are able to rediscover balance, eat with ease, and find confidence in their bodies and dancing. After graduating from Butler University and dancing in Louisville and Boston, she received her health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jess' studies in nutrition, emotional eating, behavior change, and psychology are ongoing so she can continue to serve the dance community in creative, innovative, and effective ways. For a full bio, CLICK HERE.

Oona Hanson

Educator and Parent Coach

Oona Hanson is a parent coach who has been in education for over twenty years. Oona is passionate about helping parents and guardians raise kids who have a healthy relationship with food and their body. In addition to her private practice, Oona also works as a Family Mentor at Equip, an eating disorder treatment program. Oona holds a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology and a Master's Degree in English. Her work has been featured widely, including in People, CNN, USA Today, Good Morning America, US News & World Report, Today, PopSugar, Grown & Flown, and Your Teen. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. For a full bio, CLICK HERE.