What should a Pro Dancer actually weigh?

This question comes up a lot among dancers – whether you’re already dancing professionally or working towards that end, you’re not alone in  your desire for guidelines. After all, you’re still expected to list your weight on your professional resume. Although, I sort of think this practice should be banned. It’s definitely not helping anyone.

So there’s BMI, different height-weight charts and body fat percentage measurements. Should one of those be prioritized over another? What about the old Russian Ballerina height-weight charts? I can say for certain that those recommendations should be ignored. And that the fact is this is a completely personal question.

It shouldn’t be dictated by some force of power in your ballet company. Your Artistic Director (whether of school or company) really shouldn’t get a say in the number you see on the scale. Want to know why? That’s a little bit of what I dive into in this video. Check it out here:

Do you feel conflicted about where you think you should be with weight? You’re not alone. This is super common among dancers and something that might keep you up at night. Rather than being distracted from your actual goal of improving as a dancer, why not try and shift your perspective around weight?

My goal with this video was to share some realities about those numbers on the scale and to assure you that you can support yourself (maybe with a bit of outside help) to reach your healthiest, most powerful dancing weight. And that’s what you should weigh as a pro dancer. It doesn’t matter what any other dancer concludes is her best weight. Your best weight only has to do with one factor. YOU.

As always, if you need support reach out. I’d love to hear from you!!

What should a pro dancer actually weigh?
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Jess Spinner

Jess is a former professional ballet dancer turned Health Coach and founder of The Whole Dancer.

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