Shopping Days : March 23 + 24 (or anytime after you sign up)

Day 1 : Monday, March 25

Bare Cleanse
7 - Day Cleanse Suggested Meal Plan Recipes, Calendar, and Shopping List
Kick - Off Party/Closing Party (pre - recorded)
Private FB Group
7 - Days email accountability
Supported Cleanse
ALL Bare Cleanse Features
One 30 - minute one on one coaching session
Alternative recipes delivered by email if you have an allergy or food preferences.
Flex Cleanse
All Bare + Supported Cleanse features
One additional 30 - minute coaching session to support you in taking your cleanse results forward (2 total)
Additional 7 - day Suggested Meal Plan


*Due to the nature of the information provided through this Cleanse as well as the short time period of participation ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO REFUNDS will be provided. Please email info@thewholedancer.com prior to signing up to make sure you’re 100% certain that you’re a good fit for this Spring Cleanse with The Whole Dancer.

Disclaimer : Enrollment in the 2019 Spring Cleanse with The Whole Dancer is a 1 – time membership. Future Cleanse Programs will provide new sample meal plans and will require an additional investment.

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Following the meal plan is at your discretion. There are no guarantees attached to your participation in this cleanse and the recipes and meal plan are just ideas.