You may have started tracking calories early in your dance career or training. If this is a practice that you’re in the habit of, do your best to release it.

Eating healthfully is much more intuitive that most main stream information leads us to believe. Your ability to eat intuitively is impaired when you eat overly processed, chemicalized, artificial foods.

Instead of tracking calories, if you wish to track something, track your “macros”.

Macro – nutrients include Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein. When those three are more balanced, perhaps with a somewhat higher number of carbohydrates (in the form of fruits, vegetables, beans or legumes)  you’re more likely to be achieving the needed nutrient levels for a healthy body and mind.

With the introduction of the “fit – bit” and fitness tracking craze, people often fall into the trap of eating back any calories that they burned.

Such devices or trackers also don’t take into account the quality of calories – which truly can make all the difference in how your body responds to the food you’re eating.

calorie tracker
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The lack of success with this method is a clear indicator that anything that estimates your calorie burn or appropriate caloric intake is unlikely to be very accurate.

Food should fuel you, without leaving you feeling “full” or hungry. You should eat only until you are no longer hungry, then stop.

Knowing that you have achieved this requires eating slowly and paying attention to your level of fullness throughout.

As you play with this, you may realize you had been overeating significantly. It can be helpful to stop eating a little sooner than you normally would just to gauge how you feel with that amount of food.

Food is one of the most popular recreational drugs. You don’t have to eat popcorn just because you’re at the movies and you don’t need ice cream just because it’s hot out.

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I’m not saying you should never eat “fun” food but if you work towards a balance with those things you’re best body will naturally reveal itself.

Want to commit to moving towards a more balanced relationship with food? Comment below and declare your commitment to listening to your bodies hunger and fullness cues! I started – see below to read my commitment to myself 🙂

Instead of calories, count these…
  • I am committed to listening to my body. I will not eat past the point of need and comfort. Even if a food is super delicious, I’ll remind myself that I can eat it again some time in the future so I don’t have to go overboard today. Nothing is off limits. I listen to what my body needs and wants and as a display of love and respect for myself I honor those desires. Your turn!! Commit to listening to and honoring your body in a comment! xo, Jess