No hiding behind a skirt.

You may have found the class attire that makes you feel your best. Perhaps you wear legwarmers on your calves to sort of balance out your butt/thighs (I used to do that).

Maybe you wear a skirt to accentuate a small waist and hide your hips (guilty again).

Do you remember the last time you felt fully confident in just pink tights and a leotard?

The way you see yourself in the mirror is connected to your ability to reach your best body, choose the best food, and perhaps most importantly – how well you dance.

One of my favorite success stories from The Dancer’s Best Body Program came when a dancer told me she started taking class without a skirt on – something she hadn’t felt comfortable doing in years!

Because I have been in her position, this totally resonated with me! Going skirt – less, especially after hiding behind that skirt for a long time, is huge!

The Dancer’s Best Body Program takes you through a step by step system resulting in your personal best dancer’s body. Along the way, confidence shifts, AHA moments occur and you start to see yourself in a positive light.

That’s what gives you the push to keep going – even before all of your personal body goals are met.

If you’ve tried to stick to a plan in the past and it just didn’t work or you started to feel defeated early on, this program is for you.

+ Support
+ Information
+ Connections
+ Mindset shifts
+ Action Steps

Alleviating the mental stress you feel around your body is an essential first step in achieving your body goals – just committing to yourself and signing up can alleviate some of that stress!

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Need the program details? Check here first, if you’re still unsure if you’re the right fit, feel free to email me!¬†As always, I’m here for you!

Confidence in just a Leotard and Tights