10 Spots Opened for January/February 2019

Enrollment closes on 2/1/2019 or when the 10 spots are filled (whichever comes first)!


You've been preparing for a professional dancing job for as long as you can remember. You made the choice at such a young age that this was the path you'd take.  

Now, what if it doesn't go as planned?  

Was all that time in the studio wasted?  

Take control of your destiny.  

Go into audition season with a plan and a mindset for success!

  • Stay excited throughout audition season
  • Bounce back from rejection and continue to look forward
  • Cultivate strong belief that you will make it
  • Plan where to audition, what to wear and what to bring
  • Know how to choose between your offers
  • Create an inspired back up plan

Go into audition season with a leg up on the competition. 

Audition Success Coaching can get you there!

How it works...

Sign up and Schedule...

After you've committed to your coaching you'll be taken to my online scheduling system. You'll pick an appointment day/time in December 2018 or January 2019.

Coaching from anywhere...

This is a single, 90 - minute In - Depth coaching session. Additional coaching can be added on an as needed basis afterwards. We'll meet by FaceTime or Skype at a time that works for you.

Detailed Session Notes

You'll leave your session feeling calmer and more prepared. To ensure that you take that into auditions with you you'll be provided with detailed session notes.

Just because the session is over doesn't mean the progress stops.

Practical Planning

  • Where to audition
  • When to audition
  • How to get there
  • Where to stay
  • When to email/follow up

Mindset Mastery

  • Conquer your audition anxiety
  • Learn to highlight your best assets
  • How to move past your perceived "flaws"
  • Release fear, embrace your power

Making Decisions

  • Choose between available offers
  • Outline a budget plan for your professional path
  • Craft an enticing back up plan

I'm ready to commit to my success!
$149 Investment

I signed up for Auditions Coaching because I was struggling to stay confident after past rejections. I was also dealing with a lack of confidence and feeling like I had no support.

The coaching session was awesome! Jess made me feel empowered and motivated and like there was someone who believed in me.

After our session, I was back on track with a clear goal/vision for the next step in my career. I also felt I could always reach out to Jess for support.

In the end I received a professional dancing offer as well as a position in a professional school!

Jennifer Kohli, Dancer

I signed up for Auditons Coaching because I wasn't sure what I should wear, how to format my CV/Resume and I wanted to work on my audition mindset. All of these areas were successfully addressed through my coaching with Jess!

Talking through it all with Jess made me feel more confident and less stressed overall. I was actually excited for audition season!

In the end I felt totally prepared and received a job offer from the State Opera & Ballet Ruse!

Chantelle May Meyers, Dancer

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my coaching session take place?

Once you sign - up and commit to this coaching session you'll schedule your session through an online scheduling link at a time that is convenient and makes sense for you in December 2018 or January 2019. We'll meet by Skype or FaceTime - whichever works best!

What exactly will I get out of Audition Coaching?

You'll set up a clear and strategic audition plan. You'll work through anything that is holding you back from success - this is high performance coaching. It will help you to dance your best with consistency. We'll address any questions and fears you might have around the audition process.

Can't I just come up with an Audition Plan on my own?

Sure! But if you haven't gone through the ballet company or college audition process before it's a shot in the dark. With this coaching I'll look at your audition video (if available), photos and resume and help you determine strategically where to audition. The goal is to maximize your chances of getting hired!

What The Whole Dancer Clients have to say...

"Jess has given me confidence that I never thought I had! I'm so grateful that she's only an email away and willing to help no matter what!"

-Suzy Halstead, Dancer in The Phantom of the Opera

" At first I was nervous to open myself up to a complete stranger but Jess creates such a safe place with absolutely no judgment. Through our work together, I was offered my first paying ballet company contract!"

-Jessica Cobb, Dancer at Columbia City Ballet

"Jess gives professional advice and works with you so you really​ find success. I highly recommend her programs."

-Marina Kellenberger, Dancer and Teacher


Questions? Email : jess@thewholedancer.com